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Training providers offering CIW courses are able to provide an outstanding education in Web technologies to their students. CIW courses teach skills and offer the hands-on experience students need to increase their achievement levels and reach their professional goals.

In addition, you can increase your revenue by distinguishing your training from competitors' training when you add the CIW program to your course offerings. Your organization will also be authorized to market, promote, sell and provide CIW instruction to students and other organizations.

Careerline TechCenter

"The CIW curriculum provided the structure, assessment tools and nationally recognized certifications to build our new IT program. This was a natural fit to fill a gap in our course offerings." - Jeanne Steber, Careerline Tech Center

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Become an official CIW training provider. Our partners have a wide array of benefits:

  • Recognition - CIW training providers are authorized to deliver Official CIW Curriculum and use CIW logos, marketing tools and documents to emphasize CIW-authorized credibility.

  • Preferred pricing - As an official CIW training provider, you will receive preferred pricing on other certification and training solutions.

  • Online partner community - As an official CIW training provider, you will have access to a wide range of information and tools that will help you maximize success with the CIW program. These tools include up-to-date preparation materials for your instructors, marketing tools to support your sales efforts, and much more.

  • Referral opportunities - Official CIW training providers are eligible to receive customer leads and referrals through the CIW program. Training candidates can locate your company through the official CIW Training Locator search engine on the CIW-certified site.

  • Program support - Your CIW training efforts will be supported by professional CIW staff members who can answer questions or provide support worldwide.

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