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Ecommerce Services Specialist

Exam Release Date November 30, 2022

Ecommerce Services Specialist

Ecommerce Services Specialist is the sixth course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design series. The CIW Ecommerce Services Specialist course teaches students how to conduct business online and manage an Ecommerce site. This certification focuses on business strategies, practices and tools essential to online commerce sites and services.


The CIW Ecommerce Services Specialist course prepares candidates to take the CIW Ecommerce Services Specialist exam, which, if passed, earns the individual the CIW Ecommerce Services Specialist certification.

Target Audience

  • Web designers
  • Internet consultants
  • IT professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Web and graphic artists
  • Business professionals

Skills Taught

  • Evaluate cloud Ecommerce providers.
  • Determine Return on Investment (ROI) for an Ecommerce project.
  • Implement payment-processing services for an Ecommerce site.
  • Identify and deploy inventory and fulfillment strategies for an Ecommerce site, including coordinating product and marketing campaigns with a Web presence.
  • Evaluate an Ecommerce site to maximize audience usability.
  • Secure Ecommerce transactions from a traditional and a cloud service provider.
  • Recognize and interpret legal and governmental issues in Ecommerce.
  • Analyze Web site metrics to help marketing departments maximize market penetration.
  • Track inventory using Ecommerce tools and software.
  • Relate the concept of Big Data to Ecommerce.
  • Create and present effective reports about ways to improve an Ecommerce presence.
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