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Mobile Application Developer

Release Date TBD

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Developer is the fifth course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design series. The CIW Mobile Application Developer course teaches the fundamentals of application development for various mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The course uses Software Development Kits (SDKs) to create basic mobile applications and emulators to mimic various screen sizes.

The CIW Mobile Application Developer courseware requires an understanding of HTML5 and CSS3. The suggested prerequisites are the CIW Site Development Associate, CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist and CIW User Interface Designer courses, or equivalent knowledge.


The CIW Mobile Application Developer course prepares candidates to take the CIW Mobile Application Developer exam, which, if passed, earns the individual the CIW Mobile Application Developer certification.

Target Audience

  • Web designers
  • Internet consultants
  • IT professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Web and graphic artists
  • Business professionals

Skills Taught

  • Discuss mobile applications development business essentials, including development goals and limitations, and market challenges and opportunities.
  • Describe mobile application development basics, including architectural models, front-end client types, back-end services, cloud-based hosting, end-to-end processes, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
  • Compare and contrast various mobile operating systems (including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone), and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of specializing in one mobile operating system when developing mobile applications.
  • Explain software development principles, techniques and frameworks, and apply them to mobile application development, including Agile, Object-Oriented Design (OOD), and release and iteration planning.
  • Develop, compile, test and debug a basic mobile application for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone operating systems.
  • Utilize emulators to mimic various screen sizes.
  • Explain mobile application development for social media networks such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, including Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), interoperability with OpenSocial, development environments, implementation and distribution of social media apps, and promotion using integrated marketing environments.
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