CIW Database Design Specialist - Course Description

Database Design

The Database Design Specialist course(formerly titled Database Design Methodology) teaches students how to plan and design relational databases. You will learn about the theory behind relational databases, relational database nomenclature, and relational algebra. The course includes sections on Structured Query Language (SQL) and optimizing databases through normalization. You will apply your knowledge with hands-on labs designed to teach the intricacies of database design methodology.


Introduction to Databases

Introduction to Databases
What Is a Database?
File-Based Databases
The Evolution of Databases
Relational Databases and Database Management Systems (DBMSs)
Origins of Relational Databases

Relational Database

Introduction to Relational Databases
Multitier Database Architecture
Relational Model Terminology
Using Tables to Represent Data
Characteristics of Relations
Data Models
Entities and Data Relationships
Relational Integrity
Database Languages
Data Dictionaries

Database Planning

Introduction to Database Planning
Database Design Life Cycle
Database Requirements Document
ProAudio Case Study
Selecting a DBMS
Selecting an Application Interface

Overview of Database Design Methodology

Introduction to Database Design Methodology
Effects of Poor Database Design Practices
Database Design Phases
Conceptual Database Design
Entity-Relationship (ER) Models


Introduction to Normalization
What Is Normalization?
Normal Forms
First Normal Form
Second Normal Form
Third Normal Form
Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF)

Logical Database Design

Introduction to Logical Database Design
Logical Database Design
Creating a Logical Data Model
Using a Database Definition Language
Validating the Logical Data Model
Defining Integrity Constraints
Creating an Enterprise Data Model

Physical Database Design

Introduction to Physical Database Design
Physical Database Design
MySQL Query Browser
Creating Enterprise Constraints
Using Secondary Indexes
Creating User Views
Designing Database Access Rules

Structured Query Language

Introduction to Structured Query Language SQL Basics
Data Definition Language
Data Manipulation Language
Retrieving Data from Relations
Data Control Language

Relational Algebra

Introduction to Relational Algebra
Defining Relational Algebra
Cartesian Product

Transactions and Database Security

Introduction to Database Transactions and Security Transactions Concurrency Control
Database Security

Target Audience

The CIW Database Design Specialist course is for individuals who plan to pursue product-focused database specialization using products that include DB2, Oracle Database 11g, SQL and mySQL.

These database skills can help you begin or grow a career in advanced database design and development for:

  • IT managers/directors
  • Application developers
  • Web development professionals
  • Software programmers
  • Enterprise developers
  • Database developers
  • Database administrators

Job Responsibilities

Use database technology to store, update and retrieve mission-critical information; implement and maintain database data using relational database management software; and create Web content.


It is recommended that students have a basic knowledge of the purpose and function of a database. Also, students should be familiar with an operating system such as Microsoft Windows before taking this course. The Database Design Specialist courseware does not provide entry-level computer literacy.

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