CIW Web Development Professional

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CIW Web Development Professional

The CIW Web Development Professional certification program is an ambitious journey for the individual who wants to excel in a career in Web and IT technologies. The essential combination of HTML5, a front-end scripting language, a back-end programming language and the skills to integrate them with a database is what makes a Web Development Professional. Because of this diversity, this individual will become a valuable corporate IT team member.

To earn the CIW Web Development Professional certification, you must take and pass at least three certification exams:

CIW JavaScript Specialist
CIW Database Design Specialist
CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist

Passing each of these exams earns you the related individual certification. If you pass multiple exams, you will be awarded the advanced Web Development Professional certification in addition to the individual certifications. Note, previous versions of this credential required passing the CIW Perl Specialist exam. Since this exam has been retired, it is no longer required for the combined certification. However, it will apply for candidates who have previously passed it.

Target Audience

  • Web application developers
  • Software developers
  • Application programmers
  • Client/server developers
  • Web architects

CIW Web Development Professional Certification CIW Database Design Specialist certification exam 1D0-541 CIW JavaScript Specialist certification exam 1D0-635 & 1D0-735 CIW Perl Specialist certification exam 1D0-437 (retired) CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist certification exam 1D0-620 & 1D0-720

State Approvals

Florida - Assorted CIW certifications are approved for CAPE funding. Check with the Florida Department of Education for details.

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