CIW Internet Business Associate - Exam Objectives

World Wide Web

Exam 1D0-61A

1.1 Identify job roles in the Information Technology (IT) industry, including the responsibilities, tasks and skills they require.

1.2 Identify the infrastructure required to access the Internet, including hardware and software components.

1.3 Define important Internet communications protocols and their roles in delivering basic Internet services.

1.4 Identify the basic principles of the Domain Name System (DNS).

1.5 Identify the functions of Web browsers, and use them to access the World Wide Web and other computer resources.

1.6 Use e-mail clients to send simple messages and files to other Internet users.

1.7 Define and use additional networking and Internet services.

1.8 Demonstrate ways to communicate effectively using Internet technology.

1.9 Identify and configure user customization features in Web browsers, including preferences, caching, cookies.

1.10 Identify security issues related to Internet clients (e.g., Web browsers, e-mail, instant messaging) in the workplace, including certificates, malware, illicit servers, viruses.

1.11 Use different types of Web search engines effectively.

1.12 Identify and use principles of Personal Information Management (PIM), including common applications.

1.13 Efficiently transmit text and binary files using popular Internet services.

1.14 Identify security-related ethical and legal issues faced by IT professionals.

1.15 Relate project management concepts and terms to the IT profession.

1.16 Recognize essential database concepts.

1.17 Conduct a Webcast and related services.

1.18 Distinguish between proprietary and open-source development models.

1.19 Define essential social networking and Web 2.0 concepts.

1.20 Manage career opportunities in the IT industry.

1.21 Represent technical issues to a non-technical audience.

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